International Company: Experienced


We have years of experience providing quality brand development services to various clients with companies that spread across the world! With this client, we helped them create an online presence that would help them grow internationally. Read their story below:


The Company

A Washington DC-based IT consulting company that provides IT security and infrastructure solutions to government and public sector clients recently expanded in the Latin American regions as well as Europe.


Client Needs

This client came to USABAL Solutions requesting a redesign of their domestic-focused website to be more international facing. They needed their website to incorporate multilingual solutions for their international audience and have the ability to work with their internal resources with limited capabilities. In addition, this client had a set budget for us to work with. 


How did USABAL Solutions help? 

USABAL Solutions provided a solid international marketing plan and a multilingual website strategy to help reach their intended international audience. We helped the client develop some additional content and key talking points for their branding and online identity. In addition, we redesigned their logo for enhanced branding and offered flexibility by working with their internal resources to help save the client money. 

We invest our time to guide our potential clients to promote their future growth prior to engagement: Average 20 hours of courtesy support