Health Care Non-Profit: Reliable & Dedicated

Reliable and Dedicated

We’re a highly responsive, reliable, and flexible team. We will be available to talk you through any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process. With this client, we were dedicated to guiding them through their questions and helped them significantly reduce their cost. Read their story below:


The Company

A Washington DC-based nonprofit organization that advocates for public health and serving the U.S. as well as international regions including Asia. This client funds health and disease research and care to benefit the community they serve. The nonprofit was founded nearly a half-century ago and is the national leading charity in the sector.


Client Needs

This client came to USABAL Solutions with a digital marketing team and a variety of practices already in place. This team had limited resources and they needed assistance understanding how to utilize their marketing technology. This company was in search of a long-term technology partner in the digital marketing space as well as a mentor to provide ongoing advice and operational support to their leadership team and staff. Their main request was help managing multiple brands and websites, creating an efficient website setup, and searching for technology-based grants for nonprofit organizations. 


How did USABAL Solutions help? 

USABAL Solutions helped set up a digital center for their clients and involved stakeholders to participate in monthly meetings to share best practices and new updates. We crafted a digital marketing strategy as well as provided a road map to help measure performance and progress. USABAL Solutions suggested ongoing staff training and development support so the whole team understood how to work new technologies. In addition, we helped consolidate branding and technology into a manageable and scalable plan to increase efficiency. By identifying key marketing technologies and assisting the client administer grants, we helped the organization save tens of thousands of dollars of costs on an annual basis and reduced their costs by 50%. 

We invest our time to guide our potential clients to promote their future growth prior to engagement: Average 20 hours of courtesy support