Top 4 Web Design Trends for 2019

As we reach into summer 2019, it is important to look back on web design trends. Although many web design trends take a while to reach the mainstream, they reach a critical mass of popularity

Rounded Corners

You may notice on your phone that most icons and text cards are designed with rounded corners by default. One possible explanation for this web design trend is that the round shape of a button or card matches well with the rounded corners of most mobile phone frames.

Rounded corners on buttons and cards on a website can give your page a more organic appearance.

Movement and Animation

As our interactions begin focusing on the new language of emojis and animated gif reactions in social media comments and replies, websites are also making use of movement and animation to call attention to page features and create a sense of interactivity.

Ways to incorporate movement and animation include, columns and header boxes with fading, sliding or scrolling text, animated gifs to break a paragraph, and sliders with embedded video.

Like all design techniques, movement and animation should be used in moderation. Too much motion on a page may become a distraction and hinder usability, especially for visitors with motion sensitivity or disabilities.

Mobile First Indexing Optimization

Searchers now search on their mobile phone more often than they do on desktop. To account for this, Google has started to favor websites that display and low well on mobile devices.

Since Google implemented its long-promised mobile first indexing in the beginning of 2018, all website creators need to consider how their site appears on mobile devices. Mobile first design is now required to increase your site’s search rank. If your site has responsive attributes and loads faster than others, it will rank higher on searches regardless of search relevance or location.

If your desktop site is responsive and identical to your mobile site, good news. Most of the work is already done.

Read more about how to keep ahead on Google’s Mobile First Search Indexing 

Floating Navigation Menus

Having a floating navigation menu following visitors at the top of the page as they scroll down is an effective way to make browsing multiple pages in a session quick and convenient. This web design trend began

Keep in mind that floating menus may throw off scrolling html bookmarks on large pages. One trick is to place the anchor slightly above the area you want the link to scroll to. This way the floating menu appears above the content instead of covering it up.

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