Small Business: Invested


At USABAL Solutions, we are invested in your business, your mission, and your team. We will spend the time to partner with you and won’t ever leave you without guidance and with questions or concerns. With this client, we spent time learning about the company, formulated a plan, and helped them achieve all of their digital marketing goals. Read their story below:


The Company

An Annapolis-based business training solutions company that provides enterprise-level training solutions to large, well-known companies. The company has been in business for over 20 years and is veteran owned.


Client Needs

The client came to USABAL Solutions requesting a website redesign for an outdated website. The company understood the important factors and simply wanted a company who they could trust to complete their website redesign. The client has a reasonable budget, but their requests required many strategic decisions about how to spend their budget effectively. This client had received quotes from various agencies ranging from $1,000-$35,000 and didn’t know which agency to trust so they came to USABAL Solution for guidance!


How did USABAL Solutions help? 

USABAL Solutions conducted many consultations with the client to help them understand the basics and recommended the client participate in our Small Business Website 101 Training Session. After explaining the basics, we provided our honest feedback and proposed the best approach for their small business. For this client, USABAL Solutions offered a very flexible project proposal so they understood from the beginning that we were ready to help them achieve their digital marketing goals. We also conducted post-launch support services to help them understand their website performance and user experience. We invest our time to guide our potential clients to promote their future growth prior to engagement: 17 hours of courtesy support

We invest our time to guide our potential clients to promote their future growth prior to engagement: Average 20 hours of courtesy support