Team Members

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    Bob Zhang

    General Manager

    About Bob Zhang

    Bob is passionate about providing the best service to companies in the digital space. He has more than ten years of experience managing websites for large Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses and the federal government.

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    Web Content Manager

    About Riz

    Shahryar “Riz” Rizvi is a freelance writer, producer, digital marketer and web administrator. His writing has appeared on the Dallas Observer, Kill Screen, the National Press Club, and 1105 Media. He also co-hosted a podcast ALTbrown.

  • Christina

    Web Strategist

    About Christina

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    Development Lead

    About Jack

    Jack leads engineering and IT operations for USABAL Solutions. He has eight years of experience in software and web development, and is actively involved in the software and web communities.

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    Project Coordinator

    About Rachel

    Rachel Katibian has experience in web development in both corporate and private settings. She is passionate about applying her psychology background to optimize user experience and create digital marketing strategies.