7 Reasons to Schedule a Website Redesign

The tides of digital marketing are constantly changing, and the only way to keep up with them is to be ready to grasp innovations. The best way to make sure your business always projects a fresh and relevant image for your audience is to keep your website updated. For that website you’ve had for a while, that means that it might be time to schedule a redesign.

Keep on reading and learn the 7 reasons to make a website redesign your new year’s resolution for 2022!

1. Improving User Experience

Functionality and user experience (UX) have to be the main priorities for your business website. Any obstacle that your user may find in their journey through your site might make them bounce, driving away the opportunity to create leads and conversions.

Redesigning your website will allow you to take a look at your current strengths and weaknesses so that you can create an improved user journey. While going through your website’s redesign plan, paying extra attention to slow loading pages, hard-to-find information and outdated tools will guarantee a smoother experience for your visitors.

2. Boosting your Website’s Ranking 

A redesign should not only make your website easier to navigate – it should also make it easier to find. Keeping the same content with no updates for too long will affect your Search Engine Result Position (SERP), which your visibility to users will drastically be reduced.

Implementing a website redesign will boost your ranking and give you the chance to implement a new content strategy to rip the benefits of SEO best practices. Additionally, by planning to make a content renovation, you will have the opportunity to take in consideration the updates in Google’s algorithm to make sure your website reaches the best position possible.

3. Making your website mobile-friendly

Since a big chunk of web traffic comes from mobile devices, having a responsive website is a necessity for the growth of your business. Google considers response time when ranking mobile websites, so if your site is slow to load, you are losing a tremendous amount of potential visitors.

If this is your case, you need to make changes ASAP to start focusing on mobile. A website redesign will help you establish easy navigation for users on devices like phones and tablets and optimize the elements that affect your loading time so you can have a mobile-friendly website.

4. Answering User Complaints

“I couldn’t find what I was looking for”, “The checkout process is too complicated”, “It takes forever to load a page”. If you have been receiving the same type of feedback repeatedly from different users, it means it’s time to make some renovations. 

The quickest way to find which issues your website might be having is by looking at what your users are saying. Once you know what’s wrong, you can implement a website redesign that will effectively solve the problem while showing your clients that you listen to them.

5. New Branding 

Refreshing your brand is a great way to stay up to date with the trends and also appeal to an expanded audience. If you are going through the process or have already established a new branding, you must start working immediately in updating your website, so it remains aligned with your image. Think of logo, colors, brand voice and philosophy as the elements your redesign plan must tackle first.

6. New Marketing Goals

As your business grows, you might see your sales and marketing strategy flowing as your goals change. Sometimes it might be little tweaks in your plan and others it might have a larger effect, impacting things like how your conversion funnel should work. If you find yourself in a place where your website is no longer aligned with your strategy, it’s time for revamping, so it helps you reach your new goals. Adding new features, products, or content types are ways to transform your website and keep it a strong ally in your growth journey.

7. Improving Conversion Rate

If you realize that you’re having a hard time acquiring leads and conversions, then your website is in need of a redesign. Reviewing your analytics will help you determine what needs to be renovated, so your site creates more value for you and your audience.

New Year, New look!

When asking yourself, “Why should I revamp my website?” the real question might be, “Why not?”. From better usability to improved sales, redesigning your website can benefit your business greatly. The most important thing is to make a good plan and get the help of experts. In USABAL, we are more than happy to help you achieve the results you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today and make 2022 the year for a redesign!