Technology Grants: Helping Non-Profit Organizations Achieve Their Digital Marketing Goals

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Technology grants offer much needed support for non-profit organizations. Learn how to determine which grants can help your organization best meet its unique goals.

Technology grants are an incredible resource for any non-profit organization that could benefit from extra support to help build its marketing technology infrastructure. However, while there are a lot of companies that offer technology grants for non-profit organizations, determining which grants will help your organization best meet its unique goals can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known technology grant programs available today.

Popular Technology Grants At-a-Glance:

Google Ad Grants Program: Through the Google Ad Grants Program, qualified organizations receive $10,000 per month in Google Ads to help promote their organizations and initiatives on Google. To be eligible for the program, a non-profit organization must complete an online application, hold current and valid charity status, hacknowledge and agree to Google Grant’s required certifications, and have a working website. Government entities and organizations; hospitals and medical groups; and schools, childcare centers, academic institutions, and universities are NOT eligible for the Google Ad Grants Program.1

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Nonprofit Credit Program: The AWS Nonprofit Credit Program provides non-profit organizations with $2,000 in AWS Promotional Credit to cover usage fees for AWS on-demand cloud services in an effort to help offset costs associated with implementing cloud-based solutions. This program is particularly helpful for organizations that want to meet their goals without investing upfront in physical infrastructure.2

Microsoft Nonprofit Offers: Microsoft offers a number of discounted and donated solutions for non-profit organizations, including free access to Microsoft 365 Business Premium for up to 10 users; $3,500 donated Azure services annual credit; and access to Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform to drive deeper engagement with target audiences, modernize the organization’s financial systems, and build agile business processes. Non-profit organizations interested in applying for these offers must register with Microsoft and confirm their organizations’ eligibility.3

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack: Non-profit organizations can apply to receive up to 10 free licenses for the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, which delivers a 360-degree view of an organization’s target audiences. Organizations can leverage this platform to allow them to engage in more personalized ways with their audiences or better connect or help their clients and customers.4

Determine the Best Solution for Your Unique Needs

With so many technology grant programs available, some non-profit organizations may not know where to begin when thinking about which programs might be the best fit for their unique goals and initiatives. 

USABAL Solutions, LLC, can help.

We recognize that every non-profit organization is different. Differences in goals, processes, and technology needs means that solutions that might work for one organization may not be the best fit for another organization. Our company takes a holistic approach — carefully reviewing all elements of an organization’s existing marketing technology infrastructure — and offers recommendations for the technology grants that will help the organization meet both its immediate and long-term goals. 

Following an assessment of the current state of your organization’s marketing technology, USABAL Solutions, LLC, will perform a gap analysis to inform a strategic roadmap that will help the organization meet its goals. We will match the needs identified in the gap analysis with available technology grants and provide assistance with applying, setting up, training, and administration of the grants. We also offer ongoing support for any grants awarded to the organization.

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We look forward to the opportunity to help your organization reach its goals and achieve its mission.



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