Reaching International Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

international customers

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted how businesses engage with international clients. Learn how a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can help your company reach customers around the world.

For companies that depend on international clients and audiences, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed what was once “business as usual.” Travel restrictions and trade show cancellations have made it almost impossible for some organizations to continue growing their businesses. While the recent approval of new vaccines and relaxing of local quarantine guidelines offers hope for a return to pre-pandemic life in the near future, many companies have no more time to spare and must do all they can to continue to safely reach and engage with their international clients.

For these businesses, implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can be a gamechanger.

Helping Local Businesses Reach Global Audiences

According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, Maryland-based businesses exported $12.1 billion of Made-in-America goods around the world in 2018. In 2016, exports from Maryland supported an estimated 45,000 jobs, making it the 29th largest state exporter of goods. Most importantly, small- and medium-sized companies generated nearly one-third of Maryland’s total exports in 2016.1 

These same small- and medium-sized businesses are the ones that have experienced the most serious impacts associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

USABAL Solutions, LLC, is here to help.

Our company understands that topics such as website globalization, language, technology, and cultural differences can be challenging for exporters and international organizations of all sizes to navigate. As an international website development and digital marketing solutions provider, USABAL Solutions, LLC, is committed to helping businesses expand their global reach by leveraging the most effective digital marketing tools and solutions based on their unique needs and target markets and audiences. 

Standing By to Assist with Your Business’s Digital Marketing Needs

USABAL Solutions, LLC, believes that companies of all sizes can leverage online channels to grow their businesses internationally. We specialize in international website design, development, and localization; targeted digital marketing; e-commerce solutions; digital analytics; localized search engine optimization (SEO); and multilingual website solutions. We also welcome the opportunity to support small businesses, non-profit organizations, and education institutions in their efforts to reach global audiences. 

Additionally, our general manager Bob Zhang serves on the Maryland/DC District Export Council (DEC) — one of more than 50 DECs in the United States staffed by leaders from local business communities appointed by the state Secretary of Commerce whose knowledge of international business provides a source of advice for other local companies — and our company is listed as a service provider in the digital marketing and back-end tech section directories of the International Trade Administration.

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